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Fenix Group Secures DIUx Contract

Fenix Group Secures DIUx Contract for Next Generation Battlefield Communication Networks Fenix Group is pleased to announce its first award with the US Army’s Defense Innovation Unit Experimental (DIUx). This OTA award will provide the US military with greatly increased cost efficiencies and scalability in Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), Counter-UAS, drone telemetry & video links, extended range and non-proprietary waveforms…

APOLLO Telemedicine Clinics

Fenix Group launches APOLLO Telemedicine Clinics In partnership with Comtech Telecommunications Corp, the APOLLO platform was created to allow for rapidly deployable telemed suites equipped with optional satellite backhaul & 4G/LTE closed network services in a rapidly deployable package. With self-sufficient solar power, batteries for nighttime operation, and a backup generator, APOLLO leverages technology to bring a higher level of…

drone swarm over LTE

Fenix Group demonstrates drone swarm over LTE Fenix Group’s 4G/LTE common GCS capability successfully demonstrated telemetry and video streaming for a small drone swarm. The exercise provided for command and control over each drone individually or as a swarm, and provided video streaming integrated into TAK as well as telemetry in place of traditional radios. Our team continues to innovate…

Flying Cell Phone Towers

Flying Cell Phone Towers Go Mainstream Fenix Group, Inc., a private Virginia based technology firm, has partnered with Martin UAV, a Texas based manufacturer of rugged utility drones to launch the world’s first under-55-lbs. drone capable of providing fully functional 4G cell phone service.

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