APOLLO Mobile Telemedicine Clinic

Mobile Telemedicine Clinic


Bringing complete clinic capability closer to the fight

APOLLO is designed to bring the full capabilities of a geographically distributed medical team closer to the battlefield and the injured. APOLLO provides a fully-equipped, deployable unit with real-time, secure communications to multiple medical locations and live streaming of medical device data.

APOLLO is fully furnished with rooms for triage, exams and minor surgery, all equipped with digiMed Five Plus Telemedicine Kit. Solar panels provide primary power, reducing the need for fuel as part of the deployment & sustainment package. APOLLO’s mission-specific, scalable design allows it to be tailored for available transport from a one Shipping Container variant to a single truck-deployable variant.


  • Mission-specific scalable units to meet available transport
  • APOLLO LITE variant available (connect to existing power supply)
  • Hard case deployable variant available (excludes surgical table)
  • Solar power provides primary power reducing fuel logistics
  • Multi-party video, voice, text and file transfer
  • Secondary private channel video collaboration
  • Live medical device data streaming
  • Multi-camera selection
  • Image snap and screen shot auto send
  • All transmissions are encrypted using 256 bit AES
  • Auto medical data export via HL7 format
  • On-site care provider identifier info input
  • BANSHEE closed loop 4G/LTE network for disaster response in austere environments (optional)
  • Satellite Data Backhaul (optional)